Sunday, August 25, 2013

Intro: Legendary Mama

         So I was sitting up late one night in a new state, where I didn’t know anyone except for the people that I came with. I was filled with excitement and couldn’t sleep. Now there have been many a nights that I couldn’t sleep but those were due to crying babies and barking dogs. This was different. A new state and new beginnings. As days turned to weeks I realized because of the three-hour time difference I hadn’t been able to keep in contact with the friends I left behind on the other side of the country. See, my family and I packed up and left Arizona to move to Florida. 
         As most people do that don’t have anyone to talk to I turned to the Internet. My site of choice was Pinterest. I’d stay up for hours on Pinterest, which of course then lead me to other sites. Mainly blogs. Blog after glorious blog!! I know blogs are nothing new. I’ve even got another one that I work on from time to time but I suddenly came to the realization that each blog is created different. The reason I return to certain blogs is because I learn something new from them. I also like to read blogs from people that I can relate to.
         So I decided to start Legendary Mama. Hopefully my crazy family and I can be an inspiration to someone. Or even provide a few laughs here and there but over all I hope that other moms such as myself can see that they are not alone in the trials and tribulations that come with being a mom. We’re all in this together. I look forward to sharing my life and hearing back from all of you as well. And remember not to judge me too harshly because I’m not trying to be perfect, just legendary.

What new things have you started? Be sure to leave it in the comments or just say "HI".

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