Friday, August 30, 2013

Surviving The Terrible Twos

     Why is it that when kids are going through the “terrible twos” we as parents feel like we are living with a ticking time bomb? Is it just me or do we walk on eggshells fearing when the next temper tantrum or volatile outburst is going to happen? I can’t help but feel like I need to be on high alert. It’s truly no way to live! There’s screaming, crying, cowering in the corner and hiding under the covers…. and that’s just from ME!!! I’m constantly ducking from flying Elmo dishes, dodging Tonka trucks, and don’t let me forget the constant fear of drowning in tears from just the use of the word “no”. I’m even afraid to type the word!!

     However, all kidding aside, my house isn’t always a code orange and I really do love this age/stage. My son will be two next month and he is really coming into his own. Even thou he has 5 older siblings the next youngest being 8 and the oldest 15 he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. He knows how to run and play with the rest of them. Much like everyone else in the house he has a pretty big personality. He isn’t afraid to let everyone know that he is not interested in watching what everyone else may be watching at the time. He’ll even get up and change the channel. I especially like that he thinks he’s big enough to go to the kitchen on his own for a snack or a drink. I try to aid in his independence by putting his drinks and snacks in easy to reach places.

     He does have the occasional temper tantrum when he can’t find the right way to express himself. Can you really blame a toddler for this? I see adults throw fits all of the time!!!! How do I deal with it all? A simple “time out” and redirection usually fixes the problem and gets him happy again. Some times we just have to take the time and teach them how to express themselves so they can get what they want and we can go back to taking our two year olds out in public. 

What do you do to survive the "Terrible Twos"?

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