Friday, September 6, 2013

Farewell Summer

     I honestly must say this has been one of my most favorite summers. It was our first Florida summer and it was beautiful. To me all you need in life is family and the beach. There is something so euphoric about relaxing on the sand and staring at the water. The ocean just seems to go on forever and have no end. I think we should look at life much like that. There are endless possibilities for us, we just have to be willing to sit and listen to God for direction.

     My family and I spent most of our days getting used to our new city and learning where everything is. You better believe the first thing I found was the beach! We went to Picnic Island a few times as well as spent a lot of time at Clearwater Beach. I have to say so far Clearwater is my favorite!! The sand is so white and the water is beautiful!! 

     The hubby and I were even able to sneak away for a day. He treated me to a lunch cruise on a Starlite dining yacht. Even thou it was raining at first it was still beautiful and we had a great time.

     Now that summer is coming to and end and it was amazing I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the Fall and Winter months. My all time favorite time of the year are the two seasons. My birthday is in November which I’m always happy about and the holidays make me feel even more blessed to be a mom with little kids as well as the big ones. However, this Christmas season will be the best of all because our new addition will be here.

There is so much to look forward to on the horizon.  I’m ready for all of it.

How was your summer?

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