Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Tooth Fairy


     Long ago some over achieving parent had a kid who lost their tooth. Wanting to be the best parent ever, they told their child that if they put said tooth under their pillow a fairy was going to come get it and leave money in return for the tooth.
That night the kid does just that. He/She put their nasty little tooth under their pillow in hopes of finding some loot in the morning. Low and behold, after tossing and turning all night with anticipation the child wakes up and groggily slides their hand under the pillow to feel the cool hardness of a quarter… and that’s when it all began.

     All it took was for that kid to go to school and tell their friends about the miracle of the tooth fairy. Those kids went home and told their parents. Not wanting to be shown up by the over achiever down the street they too started making calls to the tooth fairy. And now years later we have all fallen victim to the Tooth Fairy.

     Now in the beginning it’s kind of fun and exciting to play tooth fairy. Then as time goes on and with the advancement of technology… I began to wonder a few things…

-       At what age does she stop coming? I mean really, shouldn’t there be a handbook with all this information in it?
-       Why does she HAVE to leave cash? Doesn’t she know about debit and credit? Also, why money? Does it really have to come down to a parent not buying lunch at work so a kid can get paid for a tooth that they don’t need anyway?
-       What does she do with all the teeth? I find it to be a bit creepy and off-putting.

       The reason I bring this up anyway is because I saw the Tooth Fairy was trending the other day. Wanting to know what kind of nonsense she’s gotten herself into I began to snoop. Basically, there are people that keep track of how much money kids get for their teeth. Nope, nothing odd about that. For the current year it is reported that kids are getting an average of $3.70 per tooth. Where as in 2012 the average for a tooth was $3.00 and $2.60 in 2011. Why the increase you ask? Well it’s like this; Joe and Jane over achiever don’t want their kids to receive less money than their friends.

     I can’t make this stuff up if I tried. You can read all about it here. In the mean time I think I’m in the wrong business. Teeth are the way to go. With that type of inflation it’s good to be a kid.

Does the Tooth Fairy still come visit your kids? 

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