Thursday, September 19, 2013

To Twerk or Not To Twerk

     I have seen a lot of things while raising my kids. They all have different personalities which means each of them has a very unique set of friends. For the most part I like their friends. Others, well I kind of just tolerate when they come over. Then there are the dreaded few when I have to sit my kid down and tell them “Hey, he/she just isn’t a good friend choice. You should surround yourself with better people.” That’s my nice mom way of saying “Hey, he/she must have pretty sh!#$y parents and you need to run in the opposite direction when they come around so they don’t rub off on you.” Yesterday ended up being one of those days. As always, I’m going to change the names of the not so innocent because after all, these are kids I’m talking about.

     My 8 and 9-year-old girls came home from school and couldn’t wait to tell me about their day. Since they are not used to riding the school bus they find their time at the bus stop both to and from school to be the highlight of their day. They have a new friend Jennifer. Earlier that day at the bus stop Jennifer felt the need to put on a show for all of the kids. She pulled up a song on another girls phone, “Bounce your booty like a basketball.” Yes! That was the name of the song, as the song played from this child’s phone Jennifer then began to twerk like her life depended on it. When my daughters asked her how she learned to move her butt like that she said her and her mom do it all of the time.

     This is when I ask the question… WHAT THE HELL ARE WE TEACHING OUR CHILDREN?!?! Little girls especially! What happened to playing with dolls and board games? Do they not sell Candy Land anymore?? Are kids too advanced these days for a nice rousing game of freeze tag? We as parents are our children’s first line of defense against all of the craziness in the world. Why teach it to them? Hell they’ll have plenty of time to pop, lock and drop it when they get older but for now let a kid be a kid.

     Isn’t it a double standard to get mad at Miley Cyrus, a grown ass woman for doing it but then teach it to a child?

     Then my son comes home and tells me a girl pinched his butt on the way to class. He told her friends don’t pinch other friend’s butts and she responded with “It was a dare, my friends told me to do it.”

     What is it with butts? I understand kids are going to do dumb stuff. It’s just a way of life. I also don’t mean to be hard on the girls but the second one of them gets treated a certain way by a boy all hell breaks lose and parents are coming for the boy’s throats. It’s just not fair. We need to teach our daughters better.

     In the mean time, lets focus on spending quality time with our kids and save the twerk sessions for a night out with the girls at the club. 

Do you have an issue with your kid's friends? 

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