Tuesday, October 29, 2013

5 Safe Alternatives to Trick or Treating


      So Halloween is this Thursday and I really couldn’t care less. We’ve never been big on decorating or going door to door for candy. I’ve always found an alternative to the traditional Trick or Treat fiasco. The same can be said this year too. Besides not wanting to be bitten with in an inch of my life by mosquitoes I just don’t see it as a good idea to be 32 weeks pregnant and walking around my neighborhood.
For those parents that feel the same way I do I’ve compiles a short list of Trick or Treating alternatives.

     The #1 one thing my family and I have participated in for the last 5 years we lived in Arizona was to go to our local church to the “Candy Explosion”. There was singing, dancing, food, contests and all the candy we could carry. I know a lot of churches have something going on Halloween so that’s a great place to start looking for something to do.

     Believe it or not Ikea has a Trick or Treat Night. You can take your kids around the massive store and let them gather treats and you can shop at the same time. Kinda killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I know some shopping malls do this too. Check it out. Google is your friend.

     Depending on where you live your family can always participate in Trick or Treat Street. It’s usually set up and sponsored by multiple local organizations. Families can get together and have a fun safe time while enjoying a festival type atmosphere.

     If you want to really play it safe AND have fun you can always get together with other families who are choosing not to go out and invite them over to your house. The parents can talk while the kids play and hang out with some arts and crafts. Have everyone bring over a snack and some drinks and do it up potluck style.

     When all else fails, stay in just you and your kids. Stuff your faces with treats and veg out in the living room and have a scary movie marathon. If you’re a chicken like I am and don’t do the blood and gore you can always watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. It never gets old.

     No matter what you decide to do be sure to be safe and have fun.

    What are your plans for Halloween?

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