Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DIY T-Shirt Skirt

         Being a mom with so many kids I’m usually short on three things time, patience and money. So I’m always looking for ways to save all three!! Being a fashioner designer doesn’t always mean that my kids have to wear high fashion pieces. My oldest daughter recently was on Pinterest and saw my DIY Board. She immediately fell in love with a skirt she saw and asked me to make it for her. I originally pinned it from THIS blog, which shows all of the step-by-step instructions. It looked so damn easy I really had no reason not to make it. Other than being tired, pregnant and did I mention tired? Weeks later I finally sat down and did it for her. Yeah, I’m not the type of mom that can just jump up and do things LOL But I get them done… eventually.
Check out the final results…

I plan on posting quite a few DIYs in the future. Let me know if you decide to make this cool skirt.

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