Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Maria Kang, Role Model or Internet Bully?

        How in the hell does anyone find this offensive?

      This mom proudly showed the world what dedication and hard work looks like and then she gets ridiculed for it. Of course in a country where there's a fast food joint on every corner and everything is bacon flavored someone would find a problem with this woman and her accomplishments. To call this woman a bully just makes no sense to me. How about we call her an inspiration! Not just to moms every where but to people that have never even given birth and STILL don't look this good. We need to get it together and stop putting people down that are actually doing something with themselves. It seems people are damned if they do damned if they don't. There would be a whole slew of other names being thrown at her if she was pictured in a pair of sweats sucking the icing out of a donut with a straw. However that's not the case. She is showcasing her hard work and the fact that she's a mom makes this photo that much more awesome. Kudos to Maria. Check her out on Facebook and get inspired. I know I have.

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