Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stay At Home Mom vs The Working Mom

     This guy right here gets us stay at home moms. Either that or he really pissed his wife off earlier in the week and was trying to make it up to her. Either way, he knows the importance of mothers. Basically he goes into detail about all of the work most stay at home moms do after he was approached by two women (at seperate times) that didn't seem to get that staying home taking care of kids is work too.

     Hey I get it. I really do. I've busted my ass working for other people since I was 15 years old. Being a SAHM is still new to me. However being at home and taking care of kids is just that... you're TAKING CARE OF KIDS! I don't mean in the Peggy Bundy way either. I wish I had time to sit on my ass and eat Bon bons while watching Maury. No instead I schedule my son's nap time around Maury but that's AFTER we've played, spent some time learning, gone outside and watched Sesame Street. The point is don't look down on the moms that are at home doing their best to raise their kid. Hell we sacrifice a lot to be the ones to teach our babies right from wrong so they don't have to learn it from some lady that wreaks of cigarette smoke at the local day care.

     SAHM don't sit around bashing the moms that go to work every day. Wanna know why? Because there's no right or wrong way about it. It's what's going to be the BEST way. I can only speak from experience because I've been on both sides of it and for me staying at home with my 2 year old is the best thing for him. I would have loved staying home with my other kids but life didn't permit me to at the time and I missed so much of them growing up because I was always at work.

     A mom is a mom no matter what. We should all respect one another or shut the hell up.

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