Monday, November 4, 2013

Mommy Rant: Doctors With No Patience

     This is going to be a quick little mommy rant. I find it funny that of all the people a pregnant woman should feel comfortable with it would be her physician. Well NOT in my case. It’s not because my doctor is incompetent or anything it’s because I see multiple Drs. Don’t think I did this on purpose because I sure as hell did not. Now this might be good for some women out there and hey to each their own. However, it is not for me. I like to be able to see one person and stick with that one person. I’m kind of committed that way. I don’t feel comfortable seeing every Tom, Dick and Harry when it comes to my pregnancy. One is enough for me.

     So being new to Florida and already having complications in the beginning, I didn’t have the luxury of being picky and taking my time finding a Dr. I went with a referral from the hospital and boy was that dumb! Out of all of my appointments up until my last one I have seen three different doctors. So far they have all been pretty nice and helpful. It wasn’t until my last appointment when the doctor that apparently learned all she knows from Joe Blow in the back alley strolls in my room.

     I should have known things weren’t gonna go well when she didn’t even introduce herself. How the hell do you NOT introduce yourself to the patient? Then as the appointment goes on, she asks if I had any concerns. I ran down my list that I had with me. For each question I asked she responded with a “Don’t worry about it”. I’m sorry but if you don’t want me to worry about something shouldn’t you at least humor me and answer my damn questions? My attempted line of question went on for about 5 minutes and not getting me anywhere. That’s when I had enough and left. She seriously seemed like she had some place better to be so I excused myself so she could go be there. Yes, I walked out of my doctor appointment leaving the doctor in the room. I went to the front desk and advised the nice girl behind the desk to make sure they never send “that lady” in to see me again.

Thank God I’m due next month.

What issues have you had with your doctors?

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