Monday, November 11, 2013

My Birthday: 33 Things I've Learned in 33 Years


      My birthday was this past Friday. While it wasn’t the best day ever it sure could have been a lot worse. While my husband and I were running errands before going out for the night my car broke down and it took hours for it to get fixed. At first I was really down about it. Mainly because it was our last chance to have a night out alone before the baby is born. However, I got over it. Mainly because I have so many things to be thankful for; for starters we had a friend that was able to come take me home and my husband was capable enough to fix the car on his own without having to pay someone to do it. I’m also glad that I wasn’t out by myself when it happened. So my birthday may have sucked but the very next day my husband came home from work, made me a wonderful dinner and a chocolate cake. While we can’t keep negative things from getting us down we can be sure to count our blessings to keep us from being down. I love making lists and here is one that I made for my self to refer back to from time to time. I’ve still got a lot of learning to do so here are just some of the things I’ve learned in the past 33 years.

1. Trust in God, He’s got this.
2. Friends come and go.
3. Money comes and goes.
4. Not everything we think is love, is love.
5. True love will always be there for you.
6. Kids are the most important people in our lives.
7. Wear what you want, forget about trends.
8. It’s ok to listen to Tupac no matter how old you get.
9. Don’t be afraid to do anything, always try something new.
10. Being a mom is the hardest job ever.
11. Being a wife is the next hardest job ever.
12. Be so good they can’t ignore you – Steve Martin
13. Expensive doesn’t always mean better.
14. You are always stronger than you think.
15. It’s ok if you want to be more than one thing in life, go ahead change professions, majors, dreams Etc.
16. Reach for your dreams no matter how old you are.
17. It’s ok to take some risks.
18. Always buy yourself something nice.
19. Use a good moisturizer. Your skin will thank you.
20. Live with no regrets.
21. It’s not ok to go backwards i.e. past flame, Past friend, they’re in the past for a reason.
22. Never stop learning. Go to school or learn a new language. You never know where it might take you.
23. Don’t base your actions on what other people will think. At the end of the day it’s your life.
24. Do not second-guess yourself.
25. Family is not always the one you’re born into. It’s who’s there for you.
26. Do everything with love.
27. Always forgive but don’t forget.
28. Men and women can be friends (without benefits). However, this should be revisited after marriage.
29. You’re never truly alone if you believe in God.
30. Don’t let the events of your past determine your future.
31. Never leave the house without looking your best. You never know whom you might run into.
32. No matter what your dream is, always have a plan B to fall back on i.e. a trade or a degree.
33. Every day take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty in life aka Stop and smell the roses.  

     So there’s my list. I may not have gone anywhere but I sure looked cute. You can see my outfit of the day HERE. Now that that event is over next it's time to focus on the holidays and baby. Funny I turned 33 years old and I'm now 33 weeks pregnant. 

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