Friday, November 22, 2013

Save Money on School Supplies all Year

Shop and save with Arts & Crafts on Any Budget! Select from products Under $1, Under $5 or Under $10! 

     As a mom I’m always spending money on the kids for school supplies. With six kids the cost can really add up. I’m not just buying supplies for the older six. I’m also buying arts and crafts items to keep my two year old busy during the day. As much as we wish school shopping was a once a year thing, the reality is it’s not. Just like other families my kids run out of paper, lose pencils, break crayons and rip backpacks. They always need more things through out the school year. I’m so glad I came across Discount School Supply. They’ve got everything you can think of for school as well as arts and crafts.  The best part is the affordable prices. At these prices I can buy everything in bulk and just store it for when someone needs it.

Their prices are already low but be sure to stock up on Black Friday for even lower prices.

*This post was created in partnership with eAccountable and is not officially a part of Discount School Supply or any other DSS brands. All opinions are my own.*

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