Monday, November 18, 2013

Things I Miss About NOT Being Pregnant!

     Dancing – I love to dance. At any given moment, doesn’t matter where. Especially when playing the Wii Just Dance games. It’s not as easy to drop it like it’s hot while carrying what feels like a bowling ball in my stomach.
          Sushi – It’s said that sushi is dangerous when you’re pregnant due to Mercury levels and blah blah blah. Nothings been proven but I rather be safe than sick.
       Alcohol – Sangria, Moscato, Margaritas… Need I say more. 
          Sleeping on my stomach – I’m not a back sleeper and staying on my side for too long gets really uncomfortable.
          Playing with the kids – We are a VERY playful, competitive family. We get really rough at times and I miss all the rough housing,
    Sleeping!! – Getting comfortable after the 7th month is about impossible. I’m a person that likes to get plenty of sleep. Yeah, that’s not working out too well for me right now. 
      Not having random sicknesses – Ever get sick after smelling something awful? Taking a vitamin on an empty stomach? How about for no reason at all? Not fun. 
         Going to the Dr – I miss the days of going to the Dr once a year. It wasn’t as bad going every 2 weeks but now I’m at the point I go EVERY week. I’m thankful for health insurance but I much rather be sleeping.
   Seeing my feet – Not only can I not see my feet but reaching them to polish them makes me look like a contortionist.
   Doing what I want – There are a lot of random things I find that I took for granted before being pregnant. Even thou they seem little it may not be good for the baby ie. Too much coffee.

It’s funny because even thou I miss having my body to myself; I know there is going to be a day in the near future when I’m going to miss feeling her kicks in my belly.

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