Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Traditions

    Between being in a new state and on baby watch 2013 it hasn’t been feeling a lot like Christmas. I didn’t grow up with any traditions but I have tried my best to make sure my kids have traditions to pass down to their kids and so on. There are a few things that we do on Christmas Eve that I just love and so do the kiddos. Hubby has always had to work on Christmas Eve but some times he surprises us and gets done early and can join us. However for the most part, it’s just us.
    A family favorite of ours is to pile up in the living room and play games for hours. Usually we switch between the Wii and board games. Once we’ve had enough of fighting over who cheated and who should have won we move on to the next part of our evening.
We absolutely love making sugar cookies (not just for Santa but for us too). Once the cookies are done we curl up with a BIG plate, hot cocoa, blankets and we watch The Polar Express. It’s such an amazing movie full of imagination and wonderment. 

    Through out all of this we check out the SANTA TRACKER and see where he is. I may have a house full of older kids but if anyone doesn’t believe in Santa they’ve never said a thing. They play along with me and join in on my excitement.
Bringing the night to an end we start on a few of the desserts and side dishes for Christmas dinner. The kids all go to bed as hubby and I sit up wrapping presents and I curl up with The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    Those are our plans for the day/evening. The only thing that would change anything would be the arrival of our long awaited Christmas gift. I’m due the day after Christmas but you just never know what’s in store…

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

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