Thursday, December 19, 2013

My New Hobby: Crocheting

     Being pregnant with a large belly has made it uncomfortable for me to sit at my sewing machine for long periods of time. Anyone that knows me knows I go crazy if I can’t create something with my hands. So I took up a new hobby. I’ve been learning how to crochet and I love it. First of all there’s no stress of broken needles, threading bobbins or dealing with sergers. I can sit comfortably on my couch or my bed and go to town making something new! Another great thing about crocheting is it’s portable. I can just pack up my yarn and hooks and take my work with me!

     So my mom is pretty darn good at crocheting. She is the one who gave me my first lessons. Well now I’m on my own and there is still a lot for me to learn. So I turned to the Internet where I discovered Craftsy. Craftsy is an online community of crafters. Enrollment is FREE and they offer a ton of online classes in crafting and DIY. Besides crochet I’ve even enrolled myself in classes for garment making for when I’m ready to go back to my handy dandy sewing machine.

    The classes on Craftsy are taught by industry professionals. They take you step by step through the process of quilting, cake decorating etc. Which is pretty awesome. Classes can cost up to $50 but there are quite a few FREE classes available as well. I would recommend Craftsy to anyone who is creative and loves to make things.

If you decide to try it out let me know which class you decide to take.

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