Monday, December 2, 2013

What to Pack in my Hospital Bag

    As my ever expanding belly continues to grow, my due date is rapidly approaching and my Braxton hicks contractions are becoming more and more intense I figured, Hey maybe, just maybe it’s time to pack my hospital bag. But what should I put in it?! As we all know this aint my first rodeo. However, I much like other mothers have made the mistake of packing too much or too little. So this time I want to get it right, that is if there is a right way. The way I see it we can forget the whole damn bag as long as we remember the car seat I think we’ll be all right.

Important Items
Insurance cards and hospital forms (Although if you’ve preregistered you won’t need these)
Medical history papers (This is the first time I’ve been told to keep these with me)

Down Time
Reading material/Games (This comes in handy when/if you’re induced. You could be there for hours with nothing happening)
iPod (Music may help calm you)

Random things you’ll need
Lollipops/Hard candy (The only thing you’re allowed to have during labor besides ice chips)
Cell phone/charger
Camera, memory cards, batteries
Bag for hubby (Yeah we have to think about them too)

For your comfort
Warm skid proof socks (I made the mistake of buying some really cute socks from Target last time and the got ruined. Good thing they were only $1. I’ll stick with the hospital’s sexy socks)
Sweater/Snuggie (This comes in handy when the warm blankets they provide cool off)
Maternity bras and nursing pads (Whether you plan on nursing or not they come in handy and are for your comfort)
Small make up bag (It may seem a bit much but after everything you’re going to go through in that hospital you’re going to want to freshen up especially if you have visitors. You can thank me later)

Things you would take over night anywhere you go
Comb, brush, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, face wash, body soap, lotion, contact lens, case & solution, glasses, case, Hair ties, Underwear
Pajamas (This is if you don’t want to wear the attractive hospital gown with the back out. Make sure it’s something you won’t feel bad about ruining)
Going home clothes (Make sure it’s loose fitting and comfortable)

For Baby
Car seat
Coming home outfit
Warm blanket

I’m sure a lot of moms will add or take away some things from this list and I would love to know what you other moms would suggest taking or not taking.

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