Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wendy Williams Becomes a Hot Topic


  We all have those moments when our kids get on our nerves. Not very often do we ever realize
(Or care) we get on our kids’ nerves too. We do our best to raise our kids and hope they turn out to be decent adults. As parents we all take different approaches with child rearing. Some like the “I’m gonna be my child’s friend” method; while others chose the complete opposite.

   This past week Wendy Williams was doing her famed Hot Topics segment on her show and she broke down in tears. What caused the very public emotional moment? She feels that her 13 yr. old son doesn’t like her. While I know a lot of parents may feel like this not everyone has the public platform that she has to discuss the issue.

   The reason she gives for feeling like her son no longer likes her is because he spends a lot of time with his father and always gets an attitude with her. As a mom she has every right to be upset but someone needs to break the news to her that he is the average pain in the ass teenager. I’m sure he loves her very much and probably even likes her but he’s a teenage boy with a father that spends time with him. Something a lot of boys and girls don’t have.

Have I ever thought of any of my kids not liking me? Not really, their behavior has never made me question their feelings for me. However, if that day ever comes, I’m sure I’ll survive because just like Wendy, I’m not their friend… I’m a MOM!

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