Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Me and 2 Little Ones, I Got This

   This week the baby will be 6 weeks old. I’d like to say that it’s been easy from the start, but it hasn’t. Like everyone that becomes a mom for the first time or several times over for that matter with a new child comes new situations. For me that new situation was caring for a newborn AND a toddler. With the older 5 kids I was always at work right after they were born so I really didn’t have to figure out how to juggle 2 little ones by myself all day.

   During my pregnancy I didn’t think about how I was going to take care of a baby and entertain a 2 year old. The thought didn’t cross my mind until my husband asked me one day around 37 weeks “How are you going to take care of both of them by yourself?” Now right off the bat I was pissed off and offended that he would even dare ask me something like that. ME! Super mom! How was I going to take care of them?? Puleease! I responded with a very smug “I got this.” And that was the end of that. Until a few days later I really got to thinking…. yeah how the hell am I going to do it?!?

   Since Baby J was born on Christmas the kids were home for Winter break. Hubby took off for a week for her birth. So I was blessed with more help than anyone could stand. So at first it was REALLY easy because there wasn’t much for me to do. However, all of that changed as everyone went back to his or her regular routines of school and work. Then all of a sudden it was just me; Junior and Baby J. Believe me when I say the first 4 days were horrible. She cried, he wanted to be held. He wanted me to make him something to eat, she needed to be nursed. She would poop and need to be changed and he wanted to play super heroes. Now all of this wouldn’t have been so bad had it not been for me not getting any sleep!!

   Come day 5 something happened… We all woke up at the same time. I was able to get everyone fed and down for naps at the same time and even got to nap myself!
During one of Baby J’s naps I was even able to get Junior back on track with his “school time’. I have no idea how it happened and I don’t care.

   To tell you the truth, I love being home with the 2 little ones. We have our own private time together before the big kids get home. The great thing is, I think the little ones love it too. 

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  1. I would have died! But I am so happy you are making it well. Defo sounds easier than it is. :)