Monday, February 10, 2014

My Daughter's Great Escape

 I have a 15-year-old daughter who is rapidly approaching 16. I know kids this age are very confused and can make a lot of wrong choices. I know I’ve raised her right and now it’s up to her to take the lessons I’ve taught her and use them to her advantage. But for a while now I’ve been worried about my daughter. She is never where I think she is. I’ll go to her room to talk to her and she won’t be there.She’s either off gallivanting through the streets of old run down towns in the middle of the night, being mesmerized by handsome vampires, or off at sea with scurvy ridden pirates. Now I know what you’re thinking, why would you let your child associate with such shady characters? Well because I know she’s safe and because it could be worse.

   You see, as our kids get older they lose their innocents. My kid could be off doing drugs or God knows what with regular old run of the mill teenagers but she’s not. She spends her nights with Demi-Gods and Titans. I was most concerned when she took the aptitude test to find out which faction to belonged too. Thank goodness she decided her place was at home with us.

   My daughter may be 15 but she’s not afraid to use her imagination and escape to far away places like she did when she was a child. I know one day she will leave me and it won’t just be to Narnia or some other magical place. She’s going to take her talents as a write and her love for books and go very far in life. While yes her head is always in the clouds or in a book it’s what makes her, her.

   It takes an exceptional person to not be afraid to close their eyes and always be in a different place. I said before I was worried about my daughter. I’m not afraid of where she goes. I just hope that whatever mystical places she goes that she always remembers to come home.

***My daughter is an amazing writer and I love her dearly. Please be sure to check out the post she wrote on my fashion blog as well as her own blog on book reviews. Thank you***

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