Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mommy Moment: Working From Home

    Working from home is no easy task. There are days I feel like dropping everything and run screaming back to a regular 9 to 5 but then I come back to my senses and count my blessings. I remember the days I missed so much of my children’s lives just because I was at work. I am thankful I had a wonderful lady to take care of my kids. But I still feel like I missed so much. It wasn’t fair but I had bills to pay, that’s another story for another day.

    I’ve got a lot I’m trying to get accomplished. I run 2 blogs, a clothing line and a household. I’m always juggling something. It’s usually a diaper, a laptop, and an action figure all while wiping spit up off of my shirt. Ok I’ll be honest… sometimes I just leave the spit up where it is. It takes too much time out of my already busy schedule to deal with it. 

    It’s not uncommon for me to be placing a fabric order while watching transformers with my son or writing a blog post while feeding the baby. You call it chaotic, I call it a Tuesday but hey I gotta get the job(s) done ya know!

    All the other SAHM talk about having a schedule for themselves. I’ve got a schedule too and I’ll let you know how that goes once I’m actually able to stick to it. Right now I just work after most of the kids go off to bed. Even thou I lose sleep doing that it makes me feel better. If I work while the kids are up I feel like I’m not giving them the attention they need.

    If you’re a stay at home mom or a work at home mom, how do you juggle everything without feeling guilty?

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