Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Potty Train your Toddler in 5 Easy Steps

I’ve been asked more times than I can count “How did you potty train your kid?” It’s not that they’ve been potty trained, it’s that they were trained at young ages. All of my kids have been potty trained at 1 year old and I did it in 5 easy (sometimes not so easy) steps.

When to start – Why wait? As soon as they were able to walk I started the training process. Once they knew what the potty was for it didn’t matter if they could say “potty” or not. They will tell you when they have to go. 

Skip the training pants - I did not use pull ups. That’s right, I immediately started them on big kid underwear. Yes, they do give the feel of underwear because they learn how to pull them up and down but
Pull Ups are too much like diapers.

Timing and Consistency - Any time they had a drink, I put them on the potty 10-15 mins after they were done with their drink. Keep doing this and don’t miss a time. If you keep doing this they will eventually become familiar with the feeling of having to go and start telling you when they have to go.

Have potty parties - Any time they went in the potty I celebrated with them. I clapped and hooted and hollered to make them feel good!

Don’t be a Debbie Downer – If they have an accident don’t berate them. They will feel bad and associate going potty with being yelled at.

Stay positive and patient. I promise it will all be worth it!

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