Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SoxxyAir: Support a cause, Support your legs

   I’m always looking for companies that give back to the community. In the day and age we live it that’s really important to me and I’m sure to a lot of other people as well. We as a whole need to start looking out for others.

   Soxxy is a company that does just that. Soxxy “Combines high fashion with utilitarian function.” They offer stylish compression socks specifically for flying, playing sports, work and medical reasons.

    Soxxy has partnered up with five charities that support different causes. You can read about all of the charities here. They have also created new designs for SoxxyAir but need our help to launch the line. Please check out their crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to find out how to help them with this amazing project.

   You can also help by watching this video about Soxxy and share it with everyone you can. As a thank you from Soxxy they are offering my readers a 20% discount using the code SoxxyAirs. SoxxyAir will be available in April.

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