Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The great pacifier debate


 Hubby’s sister came to town last week. She was on vacation here with a friend. During her visit we all went out to lunch, that means hubby and I had toddler and 2 months old and all their baggage in tow. This was the first time taking them both out some where other than a doctor’s appointment.

   Now my sister in law and her friend both work in the health care industry which means they deal with babies on a daily basis. I respect my sister in law and love her dearly. I take her advice into consideration when it comes to the baby because she is very knowledgeable.

   With that said, while at lunch the baby was a little fussy because we woke her up from her nap to put in her cars eat. Opps my bad! However, it wasn’t anything that a little cuddling and rocking didn’t fix. She was asleep again before the appetizers came.

   My sister in law’s friend (we’ll call her Carol) asked if baby had a pacifier. I told her no and explained that we don’t use them. At first Carol seemed unaffected by the lack of a pacifier and we continued on with other conversation. Soon the small talk about the weather turned back to talk of pacifiers. Carol wanted to know why we don’t use them.
I simply explained I don’t see why a baby cannot self soothe themselves and I don’t feel they need to rely on a pacifier that I’m just going to have to wean her off of anyway,

   Seeming content with my answer she dropped it and we went on with lunch. Carol was in deed a sweet heart. Once she was done eating she noticed hubby and I struggling to eat because we were busy taking the toddler to the bathroom or feeding the baby. She offered to hold the baby so hubby and I could both eat. Immediately after handing Carol the baby she began talking to her… about how she should have a pacifier.
She then advised us that the baby wouldn’t squirm around as much if she had a pacifier.

   It was obvious she wasn’t going to let it go. I politely reminded her I have 7 kids (clearly not my first rodeo) and NONE of my kids prior to lovely number 7 had pacifiers and I have never had a problem. She said she was just joshing us and not to take it to heart. We didn’t. However, people have to realize parents are going to raise their kids how they see fit and no one will be able to change a parent’s beliefs.

   It just so happens my kids’ pediatrician doesn’t care for pacifiers either. But I guarantee if for some strange reason my little girl needed one I would definitely give it to her. Everyone has his or her personal preference and mine is to not give my child a pacifier.

   I know Carol meant no harm and she wanted what she felt was best for baby girl. But in the end as her mom I know what she needs and doesn’t need. I know this was a long story but my advice to you is to stand firm in your decisions no matter what they may be. When I first became a mom at a really young age there were plenty of times I went along with what I was told by others because I felt intimidated and felt I didn’t know any better. Well now I do. So if any of you come across a “Carol” listen to what she has to say, stand firm in your beliefs, thank her for her advice and keep being the best parent you know how to be.

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