Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Honest Company Review

     When I read reviews or watch them on Youtube it usually takes forever to get to the good stuff. I just want to know if I should spend my money or not on the product and be on my merry little way. So without further a due here is a quick review on the Honest Company.

Personal Care Essentials

     I found the scent of the Lemongrass hand soap to be quite pleasant. It wasn’t drying at all. The laundry soap didn’t make me feel like my little girl’s clothes were clean. Probably because there was no scent much like with the bath soap. I understand the scent is probably where are of the bad stuff is hidden in the non-natural products but hey I like my kid to smell clean. I still haven’t used the lotion. I did however like the healing balm. Baby started getting a little red after a few days of wearing the diapers. I’ll tell you my opinion on that shortly. The healing balm seemed to work pretty well on her and got rid of the redness.

Diapers and Wipes Bundle

     I’ll start with the good. I liked the wipes. They were thick just the way I like them. I didn’t have to use wipe and wipe to get the job done. The diapers were cute but when they ask you to pick out the 6 or so designs that you like they should really offer more girl options. The down side to these diapers is the lack of absorbency. I quickly found out the hard way not to put the Honest diapers on baby at bedtime. Two nights in a row she woke up soaked. I felt horrible and immediately put her regular diapers on her for bed. Now here’s the TMI part… whenever she pooped it oozed out of the diaper. One of which times she was sitting on my lap. So needless to say we both needed to be changed. Thank Goodness we weren’t in public! I’m pretty sure the bad absorbency is what caused her to turn red due to the wetness on her delicate skin.

The Break Up
          I received an email on a Friday about a week after receiving the sample bundles advising me that they would be charging my account $79.00 for my next shipment that would be going out some time that week. I called the Honest Company as soon as I got the email only for the office to be closed. The following Monday I finally got a hold of a very polite young girl who assured me that not only could she push my payment back to a more convenient time but she would also give me a discount if I stayed with the company.

Final Thoughts

     Even thou everything from Honest is natural and non-toxic I had to pass. If cute and natural mean I’m going to get pooped on every day and baby girl is going to have a diaper rash from non absorbent diapers I’ll have to stick with our usual brands. After all I’m pretty sure my mom used the same diapers on me that I use on baby and I turned out just fine. Well all except for that bothersome tail I’ve grown.


  1. I know sometimes whe nI read reviews it takes forever to get to the review. Great post btw!


    1. Thank you Jennifer. Maybe when I can get up the nerve I'll do video reviews as well.