Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DIY Jewelry Fun

I've got a new hobby all thanks to Berta over at Mommylikewhoa. If you haven't seen her blog it's definitely worth checking out. After reading her post I immediately had to order my own molds. 

I've been experimenting with different colors of the polymer clay as well as with resin. I'll be honest… I'm an instant gratification person so when I had to wait 24 hours for the resin to cure I was bored out of my mind! All I could do was sit and think about how many more things I wanted to make and couldn't because the mold was in use. Also, because I'm so new at it my resin flower was full of bubbles (insert sad face here). After reading a few different blogs I soon found how to get rid of the bubbles so I'll be making a tutorial on that soon.  

I was really hoping to only  have to go to one store for everything I needed but that wasn't the case. I thought I would find everything at Michael's however they didn't sell the jewelry findings I needed. You can find a list below of where I purchased everything. 

Molds: Etsy
Polymer Clay: Michael's
Jewelry Findings: Joann's
E6000: Wal-Mart

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