Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Getting married again: Decor Inspiration

   Ok so on Monday I mentioned that mine and my husband’s 5-year wedding anniversary is this Friday. What I failed to mention is we are renewing our vows next year. Thou this will be a great feat I am up for the challenge! Armed with Pinterest, kids that are quite a bit older this time around and a hefty imagination I know I can do this.

   On my other blog I’ll be keeping all of you up to date with all of my make up, hair and fashion inspiration for the renewal. I’ve already started posting make up looks for inspiration over there.

   Even thou the original wedding took place during a time when I rather pay for things to be done and when we had 2 less kids I still managed to design the bouquets for all of my bridesmaids. Fast forward 5 years and I much rather DIY any and everything I can. On this blog I’ll be sharing my décor inspiration and all of my DIY ideas.

   All of my inspiration can be found on my Pinterest page along with where I found all these lovely pictures. 

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