Monday, April 28, 2014

Picmonkey: Photo editing made fun

   Not everyone is a graphic designer no matter what the Internet makes us think these days. With Photoshop being as expensive as it is and not very user friendly to some I find that PicMonkey is a quick fix. For the most part PicMonkey is free. You can get your basic photo editing done fast and even make a quick logo. Not to mention it’s easy and fun. For some of the function that go beyond just the basics you can sign up for the royale package for a small fee. I recommend the free version then if you want more upgrade. I wanted to give you a few examples of what PicMonkey can be used for.

  1.  I wanted to play around with monograms so I made one for my own name.
  2.    Another monogram but for my husband and I. Its just a coincidence the letters are the same.
  3.   Does this one look familiar? Yup I used PicMonkey to make my blog banner.
  4.  Your’s truly with a funky new background.

                                           Give it a try and let your creative juices fly!

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