Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'm out the running for mother of the year

I am definitely not getting mother of the year if it were up to people outside of my children. Here’s the deal. A few years ago my oldest daughter wanted to start dyeing her hair wild colors. She was 12 and I said no but I did buy her the cheap little clip in extensions and she loved it, life was good.

Fast forward, she will be 16 next week and I’ve decided to give her a cool new cut and color. Here is where the problems arise. The color will be a bit unnatural. Ok a lot unnatural.

We spent days and days searching through my favorite resource… Pinterest. For a color that would be just right for her. All of the blues, greens, teals and turquoises just aren’t for her. We finally narrowed it down to 2 colors… Purple or Fuchsia.

The reaction I’ve gotten from friends and family are… well… bad. My first decision as the mother of a 16 year old and I am single handedly ruining her hair and her life.

I know what they are thinking. “Oh no she’s going to look like a freak”, “Pink hair today drugs tomorrow.”

Ok I get it. Ok no I really don’t its just hair. While yes I know there are some kids out there with bright blue hair summoning the dead in forests and purple haired kids getting high in cemeteries but my teenager is not like most.

She doesn’t do drugs or have any kids, she’s never been in trouble in anyway and I think she’s afraid of graveyards. As a matter of fact my kid is boring. She sits next to me on the couch and reads for hours or watches cheesy fairytale shows with me and the other kids. Yeah I’ve got a real hell raiser on my hands.

The way you look does not define who you are and it doesn’t change you. Letting kids express themselves is how we help them grow. They will never reach their full potential if we are holding them back.

If my daughter dyeing her hair some crazy color is the least of my teenage worries then I don’t think I’m doing too bad. 

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