Friday, May 9, 2014

Lost in Camp Halfblood

   For a very long time my bookworm daughter (and I say that with pride) tried her best to convince me to read Percy Jackson and The Olympians.

   Now I had already watched the lighting thief and felt there was no reason to read the book as well. Until one night I was struck with boredom and unsuspectingly dived into my new obsession. I quickly found myself preferring the company of Demi Gods and Satyrs to that of my own species. I began staying awake instead of sleeping when my newborn slept, stories of magical weapons and Greek mythology took the place of the usual bedtime stories of Good night moon.

   I no longer wanted to keep up with the Kardashians but with Percy and Annabeth instead. Once I completed the series … I found myself wandering around aimlessly like I had lost a group of friends that I had shared so many adventures with.

   Seeing me suffer from reader’s withdrawal (I’m almost positive that’s real) my daughter whom I now have named the “Pusher” came to my rescue. She shared with me The Heroes of Olympus… a 2nd series from the creator of my obsession Rick Riordan. I know I’ve raised her right. When she sees I’ve only got about 5 chapters left she makes sure she takes a trip to the library and gets the next book for me making sure the withdrawals never stand a chance.

   Now I find myself with a problem not even she can fix. I’m on the 2nd to last book in the series and the last book (The Blood of Olympus) is not due to be released until the fall. In the midst of my sadness I did the only thing I knew to do… I took to Twitter to vent and you’ll never guess what happened… other people from all across the country shared in my agony. Not just any people, moms and dads just like me. Grown women and men who share in the same obsession. Some even shared stories with me of how they came to find the books in their children’s rooms now they can’t stop reading and how they read them with their daughters and sons.

   That’s when I came to realize that I shouldn’t be ashamed for loving a book that was written for teenagers but I should embrace the fact that it is something my children and I have in common. We now share stories of adventures that we took with demi gods as we defeated monsters and met Gods along the way. The stories may be fiction but the conversations we share are real and for that I say… thank you Rick Riordan. Now please hurry the hell up with the last book.

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