Monday, May 12, 2014

My Mother's Day

   A day off for mom doesn’t really mean a day off but the idea sounds really good. As soon as I was told I could relax and be hands off for the day I knew my husbands intentions were good, hell I even hoped that it was true… it wasn’t.

   Here's how my day was spent....

   I didn’t get to sleep in because in all fairness my husband works 12-hour days and he needed his rest. So he slept in. I did not. I was up by 8am with a 4 month old and a 2 year old in tow. We watch countless episodes of SpongeBob with company from my 8, 9 and 12 year old before I even got my coffee.

   When all of the teenagers and husband finally dragged their asses out of the bed the day was pretty nice. I was showered with my favorite foods, candy and beautiful pink roses. Yup, pretty darn good until the electricity went out in our neighborhood for 2 hours.

   During said hours we played a not so friendly game of "Who knows Mom best?" which started out competitive enough and ended with name calling and throwing things at one another. Hubs and I were quite entertained. 

   When the electricity came back on the a/c apparently thought it had the day off and decided not to come back on for hours. It took everything out of me to NOT check into a hotel. We all toughed it out thou and made the best of it. The poor baby was hot and cranky and thinking mommy can fix anything, she only wanted me.

   Hubby made a wonderful dinner, which I received hot but ate cold because again, baby girl wanted her mama (teething really sucks). So while everyone enjoyed the feast of mommy’s favorite foods I sat in the room with baby comforting her until she fell asleep.

   By 8pm it was business as usual, kids that had held in their bickering all day were now exploding with insults and yelling. Husband took to the backyard to escape it all and I was left doing my usual…yelling for everyone to shut the hell up.

   By 10pm the house was quiet and dark, all except for the glow of the TV screen while we watched Shrek (my only request for the day).

   This Mother’s Day taught me something. No matter how much we as moms want the day off how would we feel if our kids didn’t need us for a whole day. I don’t know about you but I would feel freakin elated!! However, it makes me feel good that I’m the one they come to. I’m the one that can fix their problems. I’m the one they want to spend time with. That’s what being a mom is really about.

   My day wasn’t perfect but I felt loved by my children and my husband. That’s better than anything in the world.

   Anything crazy happen on your Mother’s Day?

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