Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What I Want for Mother's Day


   With all of the in your face Hallmark commercials its hard to miss the fact that Mother’s Day is Sunday. All over the TV and Internet you’ll find a ton of gift ideas for mom, which is awesome for those of you that are stuck on what to buy for the woman that birthed you. Quite honestly there’s not a gift grand enough to say “Hey Mom I know I tortured you from the inside for 9 months and have driven you crazy for (insert # of years you’ve been alive) years but here goes this really cool card to make up for it.

   Most Mother’s Days for my family and I have involved trips to Disneyland or Sea World for as long as I can remember all at my request. This year is not going to be like that. I’m going to tell you what I want for Mother’s Day THIS year. Ready? Here it goes… to be left alone to do what the hell I want. Yes I said it. Everyday I am blessed to spend time with my band of 7 terrors. We eat, watch TV, talk and play together until 11pm.

   Truth be told I have a beauty & fashion blog and I haven’t been able to polish my nails for a month!! It’s been almost as long since doing a full face of makeup. I’ve got a ton of reviews that really need to be done. I want to spend Sunday polishing my nails, playing in my make up, watch both Sex and The City movies with a large bottle of Sangria. Now if there’s some food to be made and flowers to be purchased I won’t be mad at it. Then if there is any time left in the day I want all 9 of us to cuddle up in the living room and watch as many Shrek movies as possible until we all pass out. 

   Then Monday it’s back to business as usual.

   Am I wrong for that? What do YOU want for Mother’s Day? Regardless of how we spend the day I’m going to be grateful. I am happy and beyond blessed to have 7 little (and some not so little) people that love me unconditionally, flaws and all. That’s a gift in itself.

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