Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where'd all the good moms go?

   When it comes to being a mom I’m not winning too many awards over here. I’ve got 7 that I loving sometimes not so loving call my little monsters. Lets not sugar coat anything; kids can be horrible at times. Although, for the most part I’ve got mine under control. I’ve seen others do worse with less. Hell sometimes I’ve been known to toot my own horn and why not? I also know other moms that are pretty awesome too but what bothers me is the surplus of deadbeat moms. Yes, I said moms. You know the one that’s supposed to love you unconditionally, give up her life, hopes, dreams and any signs of a six-pack for you. Yeah her. I think its sad when a dad is no good but in this day and age unfortunately it happens a lot and it becomes the norm.

   Everyone is so focused on the dads not being around its kind of covered up the horrible fact that moms are becoming absent more and more. Is it bad that when I come across a deadbeat mom I just want to punch her in her face? No, it’s ok? Thanks.

   I’m glad that I don’t know what they’re thinking when they decide they no longer want their kids because that would probably make me just as sick as them. I could not imagine giving my kids away. And I’m not talking about a mom that can’t care for her child because of health issues or things of that nature. I’m talking about the selfish, man chasing, rather spend their money on themselves, droppin’ it like its hot at the club on a Wednesday moms that decided after having kids motherhood just isn’t for them.

   Do they even think about their kids? Because I’m damn sure their kids are thinking about them. For all of the moms that are there for their kids to tuck them in at night, to kiss their oowies, to read their favorite book 7 times in a row. For the moms with a lot of money or very little but it all goes to their kids, the mom that’s single, married, tired, new mom and the vets. I applaud you for being there for your children so they will never know what it feels like to wake up and look for you and you not be there. 

   Being a parent may not be easy and the money is spent before it can be made but the most rewarding part is you have a little person that loves you unconditionally and that makes it all worth it.

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