Wednesday, June 25, 2014

DIY: 2 Coffee Table Redos and Inspiration

In my mind I’m a master at DIY. In reality I’m just ok but I love to make and remake things none the less. Over this past weekend there were a few yard sales in the neighborhood and what didn’t get sold got given away. I got an end table and a coffee table. In an effort to test my creative ability I decided to try and revive the both of them. The end table may be too far gone for an amateur DIYer like me but I have faith in myself for the coffee table.

I’ve got back up thou and by back up I mean Pinterest. As always I found a lot of great ideas over there. When I’m not on Pinterest I’m on YouTube watching Mona from Craft Klatch. I absolutely love her videos and she’s got a blog as well.

Wish me luck on what I’m calling my Summer Projects. With my crazy schedule I’m sure it will take me most of the summer to get these done. Check back later to see what progress I’ve made.

This is SO adorable!

I love the idea of using 2 colors. 
I've grown quite fond of Chalk Board Paint so it's possible I try this on the small table. 

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