Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June Cleaver Moms vs Rudy Wilson Moms

I’ve come to realize there is a lot of different kind of moms. I’m going to talk about 2. The kind of mom that I am and the kind of mom I can never be but some times wish I was.

Mom “A.” we will call her is tender and kind. She speaks in a sweet soothing voice while she bakes cookies and never raises her voice. Forget raising her voice Mom “A.” doesn’t even swear! Her idea of a bad word is darn or dang. She has the occasional glass of wine but only after her darling little kids are fast asleep. Mom “A.” is on the PTA, hosts play dates at home and packs her kids’ school lunches with little notes in the lunchbox. Mom “A.” has a June Cleaver aura about her. She’s awesome and gives everyone warm fuzzy feelings inside.

June Cleaver

Mom “B.” has a soft and soothing voice too but she looses it around the time her kids turn 2. She bakes cookies as well but when passing them out she does the 1 for you 2 for me method. I mean she did buy the ingredients and bake them after all so why shouldn’t she get more? Mom “B.” Does in fact raise her voice. She raises her voice to make sure everyone in the house hears how angry she is while she’s swearing like a sailor. Mom “B.” doesn’t wait for the kids to go to bed to enjoy her wine. Nope, as a matter of fact she tells the kids to pour her her “medicine” and lets them know they are the reason she needs it. She used to pack lunches with sweet little notes but found she can get some extra sleep if they just eat whatever the school is serving. Mom “B.” lets kids come over but doesn’t call them play dates because it sounds too sissy. Mom “B.” has a Rudy Wilson from Mother Up quality. If you’ve never seen that show then you’re probably a mom “A” type and cannot be bothered with that type of nonsense.

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Incase you haven’t figured it out I’m mom “B.” but wish I had some of mom “A’s” qualities but some where between kid 1 and kid 7 I lost them. I don’t know too many type “A” moms but I’ve seen them and know they exist. What type of mom are you?

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