Thursday, July 3, 2014

Be a Lady at all Times and Teenage Dating

I realized my teenage daughter D.D. has been the topic of a lot of my blog posts lately. Probably because she’s at that age when she pulls focus more than the other kids. Well this post is no different.

Since D.D. turned 16 she is now allowed to have a boyfriend. I haven’t been looking forward to it and it came fast. Not only did she turn dating age she had a boy lined up already to date. She had him come over and meet the whole family a few months before she actually turned 16.

I’m not dumb. D.D. told me she liked him and he started spending a lot of time at our house. So I kinda think they were BF & GF already and just didn’t want to say anything.

Now when I say he was spending a lot of time at our house I mean it! To the point where his mom felt a little slighted because he was always over here and my daughter had never been over their house. From what I understood this is where they wanted to hang out and I had no problem with it. After all my house is always full of kid, has been for years!

When they are at my house everyone stays where I can see them. No going into bedrooms or going off alone. There is to be no kissing or inappropriate touching. They give the occasional hug and head on shoulders and I’m fine with that.

The boy’s mother said she wanted to get to know D.D. and invited her out with the boyfriend and his younger brother. My daughter and her BF went go-cart racing and played at the arcade will the mom and brother went off to play miniature golf. Afterward everyone went to their house and the mom asked D.D. a bunch of questions to find out more about her. Then the teenagers watched a scary movie.

Now knowing what the rules are in my house I didn’t think to ask where they watched the movie but as I told my mom all about the date she was the one that posed the question “where did they watch the movie?” I was kind of taken aback by the question because I thought it would be a no brainer but I asked D.D. anyway.

That’s when all hell broke loose! D.D. said they watched the movie in his bedroom. I saw RED! Now don’t get me wrong. I trust D.D. whole-heartedly. I have faith in the way I raised her but no matter how much time this boy has spent at my home I     don’t know him well enough to say he won’t try anything with my child given the space and opportunity. I know it will happen eventually but I don’t want her put in any situation she isn’t ready for.

From what I understand the mom gave them the option to watch the movie in the family room or the bedroom while she went to the den. Call me old fashioned and some probably will but I don’t agree with boys & girls being alone together in bedrooms. It is very inappropriate and as I raised hell I made she to remind D.D. of that.

She felt really bad and was remorseful. I didn’t want to make her feel bad I just wanted her to always remember to act like a lady at all times and not to do anything outside of the home that she wouldn’t do in her own home. Like be alone in a damn bedroom with a  boy!! 

I with the Duggars on this one. Anyone got any info on Courtships? Let me know if you think I overreacted and if you think it was ok.

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