Saturday, July 5, 2014

Crest Be Toothpaste review

I recently signed up to be a BzzAgent which if you're a blogger or just like to try new things I recommend you sign up. Its pretty fun. My first campaign was for the Crest Be toothpaste. When the samples arrived they were big enough for everyone in my family to try but with flavors that include chocolate, vanilla and lime not everyone was rushing to try them.

Mint Chocolate Trek
I personally am not a fan of mint and chocolate together. The Mint Chocolate Trek reminded me of a Peppermint patty. The toothpaste was green with brown specs of chocolate in it. This one left me with a gritty feeling in my mouth and didn't give me that fresh clean feeling. 3 of my girls tried it with me and for the most part they were all reminded of mint chocolate ice cream. They all liked the minty taste but overall all 3 girls liked it but wasn't anyones favorite of the 3 flavors.

Vanilla Mint Spark
This flavor actually reminded all of us of cake frosting and vanilla ice cream. The Vanilla flavor was more noticeable than the mint. It didn't taste bad at all. However, it still did not leave my mouth feeling fresh. The Vanilla Mint Spark was the favorite for 1 of my 3 girls.

Lime Spearmint Zest
 As soon as I put the toothpaste on my brush I fell in love with it. It was a pretty light green color and loaded with sparkles. So it was really fun to brush with. The Lime Spearmint Zest was my favorite as well as my other 2 girls. The taste wasn't bad. The girls thought that it tasted like regular toothpaste with a hint of lime. My mouth felt semi-fresh after using it and it had a great taste making this one the best.

Overall we liked testing out the Crest Be toothpaste. It was a fun family experience. If I were to purchase any of them it would be the Lime Spearmint Zest. If you'd be interested in trying these out go HERE for a coupon.

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