Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Getting to know me from A to Z

  Ok guys I realize I don't have a decent About Me page and I am working on getting one up by next week. I would like for you all to get to know a bit about me in the mean time.  I recently did a post about My Favorite Things on my other blog for the same reason. I saw a few other bloggers do an About me from A to Z and thought it would be fun to give it a try. I didn't realize how hard it would be but I got it done. So here we go... Get to know me from A to Z. 

A – All of my daughters (5 of them) and myself have first names that end in “A”.
B – I started Blogging so I could connect with like-minded people. I have 2 blogs, this one and a fashion/beauty blog.
C – My family thinks I’ve got a Coffee addiction. I say it is a strong appreciation for it.
D – I love Disneyland probably more than any adult should. I once went when I was 6 months pregnant and caused a scene because hubby wanted to split up and go with the big kids on the rides I couldn’t go on and left me with the little kids. I blame the hormones.
E – I Love to Eat. Nuff said.
F – We moved to Florida from Arizona a year ago. Its pretty cool here if you don’t mind getting eaten by mosquitoes and rained on all the time. 
G – I think Giraffes are beautiful. I took a liking to them after being made fun of as a kid because of my height and being called giraffe along with other things.
H – I dislike being called a Housewife. No disrespect to those that like it.
I – I dream of living in Italy for 6 months to a year one day. I’ve been trying to learn Italian for the past 2 years.
J – All the boys in the house have first names that start with “J”.
K – I used to take Kickboxing classes. I loved it and want to sign up again. I have visions of getting really good and kicking my husbands ass.
L – Lipstick makes me happy. I wear it even if I’m not going anywhere. The brighter the better!
M – I’ve been Married for 5 years. Marriage is a lot of work but it’s worth it.
N – I was born in New York. I would like to move back one day.
O – I love living by the Ocean. The water relaxes me.
P – I was Pregnant at my prom and gave birth 2 weeks later. I so want a do over!
Q – My house is rarely ever Quiet but I’ve learned to ignore the noise. I call it a gift.
R – I have never experienced so much Rain in my life. That’s all it does here in Florida but oddly enough I like the rain.
S – I’ve got Seven kids and yes I know what causes that. Chances are I’ve heard all of the big family “jokes” there is to hear. More on that in a later post.
T – I’m 5ft 10in Tall hence where all the jokes about height came from.
U – I often suffer from insomnia so I’m Up all hours of the night.
V – When I lived in Arizona I drove to Vegas a lot! I once made the trip in 3 hours.
W – Like many other moms I love Wine. Red gives me a headache but bring on the white.
X – Can’t think of anything for this so I’ll cheat a little. My husband took me on a date to race eXotic cars. It was a lot of fun.
Our instructor was the coolest.
Y – I often get told I look a lot Younger than I am. At the bus stop one day the bus driven mistook me for the kids’ older sister. I won’t complain. 

Z – My family and I took a vacation to the San Diego Zoo and we were so hot and tired from walking around we argued the whole time. We argue a lot but it’s all in good fun.

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