Friday, July 25, 2014

Mommy's Day Off

   I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. I wanted to be like everyone else and they all seemed to be having so much fun. Its summer break so the kids had no school and hubby had the day off the next day. I put Baby J and JR down for bed and the rest of the house was wide-awake with no signs of slowing down. The music was pumping down the halls from the other end of the house and hubby seemed extra awake and was talking my ear off. Occasionally I’d glance over at the clock and think “oh my it’s getting kind of late”. More time slipped by and I was exhausted.

   By 1am I knew I was going to regret this in the morning but I wanted to be awake too and feel young!! Turn down for what?!?!?! Is what I kept asking myself. By 4am I knew the answer… Turn down because I’m tired and got a baby and a toddler to take care of in the morning!! That’s why the hell you turn down!!!

   Finally sleep came to me but just as fast as it swept over me it was gone. In its place was a baby that needed a diaper change and breakfast. Along with her came a little boy who also wanted breakfast and Diego. My head was spinning and my eyes were blurry all the signs of a hangover but I wasn’t so lucky. There was no alcohol involved. It was 8am and I was praying someone, anyone would wake up to change a diaper, make pancakes or just hold my head up for me. No such luck. Help didn’t come until after 10.

Once hubby got up I told him “wow you guys really know how to pull an all nighter!”

His reply was “yeah well I didn’t have to work today so I was able to stay up.”

I smiled at him and said half jokingly half serious “Man, I wish I had a day off.”

He then asked me what day I would like off and I told him Sundays. He said he would make it happen and let all of the kids know from now on Sunday is mom’s day off to do what ever she wants to do.

All of you parents out there know that a “day off” isn’t truly a day off. It’s just like any other day but it’s got a title. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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