Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mommy's Not So Day Off

 Last week I told you I was going to start having a day off every Sunday starting with last Sunday. Well here’s how it went…

I got up at 9am with Baby J. We played and I fed her until the other kids got up and offered to take her around 10am. I didn’t want to just end our playtime so I kept her for a while longer. I ended up on the couch with coffee and laptop in tow while the kids took over baby duty. At 11:30 hubby announced we were taking a trip to a beach an hour away and that’s when my day off ended.

The kids were sent out to wash the truck. Once they came in I was responsible for helping 7 kids and myself get packed up for the day. Still holding on to the hope of a day off I packed up a few things I would need to get some work done for the day and off we went.

We ended going up to Anna Maria Island to the prettiest beach I have ever seen in person. The little town was so quaint and adorable with streets lined with bungalows and beach houses in pretty colors. Everything appeared to be walking distance. There was one area with a bar, restaurants and family owned shops. I immediately fell in love and started dreaming of which one would be mine.

Once our feet hit the sand every one took off for the water. Everyone except Baby J and I. And that is how the day was spent. Everyone off playing in the sand and frolicking in the water while J and I weren’t given a second thought with the exception of 5 mins hubby had her so I could take pictures.

After 3 hours the baby and I were fussy and ready to go home. Once back hubby made a nice dinner and I stayed up until 1am working.

So my day off ended up being more work than if we had stayed at home and had a lazy Sunday. At least the view was nice.


  1. Oh my goodness, the view is gorgeous! Sorry to hear your day off didn't go as planned. Maybe next time?!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Thanks I guess we'll just have to see what happens lol I think everyone was just glad it wasnt raining and we were able to leave the house. It was an amazing beach. I actually can't wait to go back.

      Hope you're doing well.