Friday, July 18, 2014

My Family is not for Everyone

My family is pretty close. It’s my husband, our 7 kids and myself. We’re a big wild bunch and a lot of people don’t get us. They think my husband and I are crazy for having 7 kids and even crazier that I design clothes. We’re all ok with that. We have rules in our household but we are an open family that shares a lot and everyone is free to be themselves.

I have an open door policy, meaning I’ve got so many kids and they’ve got lots of friends so my door is always open for anyone. My house has always been where everyone hangs out. It takes the stress off of me wondering what my kids are doing at someone else’s house. My home may be full but I know everyone is safe.

Over the years I’ve dealt with lots and lots of kids but very few parents. If my kids want to go to someone’s house I have to meet the parents. Some parents don’t have that same requirement.

I say all this to say I know kids enjoy hanging out at my house and I don’t mind it at all. I’ve never run into a problem with a parent due to their kids being at my house, until now. I mentioned before DD’s boyfriend was at our house a lot and his mom didn’t like it too much.

Well long story short… this past weekend DD was supposed to go to her boyfriend’s house but when the day came he called and said his mom wasn’t going to be home and asked if he could come over instead. I said yes, he came over all was good. Turned out he wasn’t supposed to leave the house because he was looking after his 11 year old brother. His mom called to check on them and found out he wasn’t home and started looking for him. First obvious place being my house and he had just left before she called.

She told me he was never to come to my house again and wasn’t sure if the kids could even speak to each other any more. Now I am all for punishing kids but in my mind it’s a bit drastic to basically break them up. His mom told me it was nothing DD did and I believe her but I can’t help to think it wasn’t DD but us as a whole.

Our large family is a lot to take in and she probably didn’t understand why her son likes coming over so much. If that is the case it’s sad to run from something you don’t understand instead of getting to know what it’s all about. It’s not our fault we’re awesome.

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