Monday, July 7, 2014

The Day Lightening Struck

 It literally was how I imagine an exploding bomb to sound like. I was in my bedroom putting Baby J. down for a nap. Jr was in his bed asleep in his room and the rest of the kids including D.D.’s boyfriend were playing Wii in the living room. About half a second after I heard the BOOM I saw a flash of light out the window. It could be my imagination but I felt the house shake. I immediately grabbed the baby and ran to check on the other kids. Everyone was obviously as shaken up as I was. The kids saw a red flash in the backyard as the lightning hit. I sent an older kid to grab Jr from his room and as my oldest son and I looked out back to check on the dogs he noticed the roof of the shed was dented and lopsided. I stood there in shock and still shaking; glad everyone was alright and that’s when I smelled something burning.

There were a million and one things racing through my head but I managed to get all of the kids out of the house. My son stayed to help check to see what was burning. As I’m praying my house doesn’t burn down I grab the phone incase I needed to call 911 but damnit the phone was dead!!
We continue to search for the smell and of course now here comes the rain and the kids are outside still. Since I didn’t find anything burning I get everyone in before the rain starts to pore and pore it did!!

Just as the kids are coming in of course hubby pulls up from work after the excitement calms down. As everyone is getting a hold of themselves that’s when my 8 year old starts crying her poor little eyes out. Being from Arizona she never had to deal with too much change in the weather. In Phoenix ya get hot, hotter and for the love of God stay in the house hot.

I’m thankful everyone is ok and nothing was on fire. However, our modem blew out and we were left with no Internet or telephone the whole weekend and our storage shed looks pretty hurt. I think the worst part is having to tell a 2 year old he can’t watch SpongeBob because the cable is out.

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