Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Body Image After Having a Baby

We as women always seem to find something wrong with ourselves. We have a talent for pointing out the worst things. We are our own worst critics. We struggle with finding the good in ourselves. Even if others compliment us we for whatever reason don’t see what they see.

We work so hard trying to look like the other beautiful women we see with the amazing bodies. Not knowing that they have body image issues as well.

No matter how we feel about ourselves it intensifies after we have a baby. Everything changes and it takes a helluva long time to go back to normal if ever. Our boobs sit differently, our stomachs poke out and that’s just a couple of the changes we notice right away.

Believe me I know. For the longest time my skin was doing this weird blotchy thing that no amount of expensive creams could fix. Now that Baby J is 7 months my skin is finally back to normal. Too bad my weight isn’t but I’ve come to accept that I don’t look the same. All I can do is workout, eat right and give it time.

We need to take an easy on ourselves and take credit in the fact that our bodies housed a baby for 9 months and gave birth to a blessing. That’s no easy feat. Yes, we’re going to go through some changes but they’re not all bad. We can work towards looking the way we want to look but we have to love ourselves at every stage.


  1. I had the blotchy skin thing too - right by my bra line! What is that about?! Mine isn't back to normal yet... But I agree with all of this. I'm just super guilty of NOT cutting myself any slack. Easier said than done, right?

    1. Being pregnant does all kinds of crazy things to us! The dr told me it takes around 6 months for our skin to go back to normal so hang in there! It IS easier said than done lol