Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Think I Miss My Kids and School Hasn't Started Yet

   As summer comes to an end I can’t help but get a little sad. Sure my house has been overrun with kids and it costs a small fortune to feed everyone, not to mention no one and I mean no one is on a real schedule. However, my kids are good company. Over the summer months is when I really get to spend time with them and witness their growth from the prior year.

   There’s no denying the fact they get on my nerves several times a day but that is forgotten when I’m exhausted and the baby is crying and an older kid comes to the rescue with toys or just to hold her so I can brush my teeth and shower.

   I’m going to miss our movie of the day where we just pile up in the living room with pillows, blankets, Netflix and each other. Now that school is starting they’ll have homework to do and that means my vacation is over too. I’ll be back taking over the chores they’ve been helping me with like laundry and making dinner.

   The hardest part about summer ending is putting them in someone else’s care for the day. I hope they all have a great school year and have wonderful teachers. I also hope like every school year they go out there and remember the lessons their father and I have taught them.

   Even thou I’m sad to see summer end I’m looking forward to the new experiences they will have and hearing everyone’s daily stories about what happened in class. 
My days will be spent caring for Jr who is about to turn 3 and soaking up everything like a sponge. Then there’s Baby J who is growing by leaps and bounds. The two of them will be back to getting my full attention while the big kids are out of the house for the day. So there is a lot to look forward to and we’ll just have to make the most of our weekends.

How do you feel when your kids go back to school? 


  1. Kids going back to school is definitely bitter sweet. Our kids are a handful but they are our cute. sweet and sometimes bratty handfuls. Hope you're doing great doll.

    --Me And My Mini Me

    1. I knew there would be other moms that agreed with me :) I'm doing very well thanks.

  2. Honestly, I can't wait for my kids to go back to school. I like my space. I'll miss them of course, but I'm ready for some quiet.