Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Update and House Repairs

   The last couple of months have been extremely crazy in my home and I feel like I may be able to get back to normal. Whatever normal really is. So basically since my family moved to Florida last year we have been introduced to things that were not an issue for us in Arizona. Before the move the only thing I thought we had to be aware of were gators. Well I haven’t seen any… yet.

   However, I have seen spiders bigger than my hand (well maybe a child’s hand), giant frogs that leap into the house when we open the door after it rains and all other kinds of creepy crawlies. The thing I’ve learned about that has scared the hell out of me the most would be sinkholes.  Apparently they’re a big thing here. Who knew?!

Could be worse. This could be our home. 
   Almost two months ago my husband and I noticed a significant amount of our back patio sinking into the ground and cracks in the back half of the house. Around the same time we noticed the walls in our bedroom separating where they joined up in the corners.

   We immediately contacted the rental company to let them know. They told me they would send someone right out to check on the situation. Well, their “right out” meant not at all. That is until I contacted Code Enforcement and an attorney. That’s when the rental company decided to do their job and start sending people out to look at the house. I was told only an engineer would be able to tell us if the sinking was due to a sinkhole or not. However, since the contractor they sent out didn’t think it was a sinkhole the owner said he would not file an insurance claim and have an engineer come out and risk losing his insurance if it turned out not to be a sinkhole. I’m so glad he cared more about his insurance than the safety of his tenants.

   During this process we began searching for a new home. In all honesty moving is not something we wanted to do with birthdays and holidays right around the corner but when it comes to the safety of your family you do what you gotta do.

   Long story short I’ve had three people come out and tell me they don’t think the house is on a sinkhole and the owner will still not file a claim. However, I did find out the section of the home that was affected is an add on that was built a few months before we moved in and they did not get approval for it which means there are no permits for the add on and it was basically thrown together. Over the past two days the company finally sent someone out to fix the cracks and the walls along with a few other things.

   Personally I think it is absolutely ridiculous that it has taken two months, contacting code enforcement and getting an attorney just for these assholes to do the bare minimum. Legally we still have the right to move and that may still be coming up soon. In the mean time this explains why I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do. I hope that if any of you ever go through a similar situation don’t be afraid to fight back and find out what your rights are. Believe it or not there are laws in place to protect the little guys even just a little bit.


  1. I once had a TERRIBLE landlord and have horror stories about her. It infuriates me to no end just thinking about the hell she put me through. I can relate. One thing I will say is that you kicked ass with calling Code Enforcement and an attorney. You gotta do what you gotta do and that's the only thing that will move some landlords into action. As for living in Florida, I had no idea about the spiders or frogs! That's crazy! We have some scorpions and toads out here, as well as coyotes. You have to be really careful about the coyotes and your pets. They're vicious.

    1. I've dealt with other horrible landlords before and have been tired of getting walked all over. I guess these people just figured I was going to leave it alone or just move so they can keep our deposit. When we lived in Arizona we had quit a few run ins with scorpions. I even got stung in my bed by one. They are horrible!!!