Monday, October 20, 2014

10 Things I Believe About Motherhood


1.    Kids can sense our enjoyment. Their mission is to put a stop to it. Watching Scandal, hot shower, polishing your nails? Not on their watch!
      2.    We possess a super power that allows us to function off of little to no sleep at all. We’ve all been there, late nights with a sick kid, up on and off with a new baby, lets not mention teething.  
      3.    We have more patience than we knew was humanly possible. Potty training, temper tantrums and math homework. Yeah, all award worthy stuff.
      4.    We can love more people at the same time than we ever imagined we could. No favorites over here!
      5.    Coffee is a mother’s fuel. It is what makes me able to accomplish #2.
      6.    Being a mom brings out an animal like instinct instantly turning you into Mama Bear when it comes to protecting your young.
      7.    Having a job prepares you for motherhood. You put most of the skills you learned on the job to good use in your own home.
      8.    You wear many, many hats as a mom. Chauffeur, nurse, event planner, counselor, cook, teacher and maid.  
      9.    Being a mother makes you resourceful. You will learn 1000 different uses for pipe cleaners while trying to find ways to entertain your kids.

    10. No matter how awesome your life was before, it’s 100 times better once you’re a mom.


  1. Oh yes I can relate after motherhood coffee and naps become your bestfriends. You appreciate the 2 minutes of "me" time you can get and look forward to bedtimes. Amazing how much things change after we have babies but regardless of all the sleepless nights and no-time for ourselves, it's still the best and most rewarding experience.

    --Me And My Mini Me

    1. Motherhood has its ups and downs but I sure wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

  2. I often marvel at how one tiny being can drive me absolutely nuts and push me to the point of wondering if I should be committed to a mental health facility, yet at the same time fill me with such love and joy that words cannot even begin to express their power. Motherhood is the most maddeningly wonderful experience!

    1. I think that about sums it up lol They drive us crazy but there is no love like the love we have for our kids.