Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Came Early

Halloween has come early and it’s in the form of a spider. Let me explain. A few weeks ago I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth. In my early morning daze something in the mirror caught my eye. I looked up only to see a big huge spider staring back at me!

This wasn’t your ordinary run of the mill spider. This thing looked like it could take down a dog in its web. We’ve seen a couple spiders this big in the past year and we not so lovingly call them “Pet sized” because they are so big they don’t look like they could easily crawl in your home undetected. I immediately hauled ass out of there. My husband had already left for work.

So by default I had to get my son J. Not just because he was already awake but because I’m Mom and he can’t tell me no. He proceeded to the bathroom with caution and upon seeing the gargantuan spider taking up residence in my bathroom let out a ”Whooooaa!” Ya damn right whoa!
This thing was so big it garnered an audience. So now Sam was with me cowering in fear in the living room. Not wanting to risk Spidey getting out we closed the bedroom door and listened to J yelling as he tried to kill it.

He came out and said the deed was done. I asked where it was because I wanted to see the body to make sure. He went into the bathroom to retrieve it only for it not to be where he left it. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been scared to shower or use the bathroom by myself. So much so I’ve even gone as far as using the children’s bathroom. Any parent out there knows that is scary all by itself.

Just as my fear was subsiding and the big ass spider was just a distant memory I get woken up at 5am this morning to Dee Dee trying her best to quietly wake J up but failing. Another (or same) giant ass spider had crawled down the hall into J’s room!! Long story short half the house was up at the butt crack of dawn this morning and there may or may not be a revenge seeking spider out to get us.

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