Monday, November 3, 2014

8 Days of Thanks Day 3: 7 Easy to Make Thanksgiving Centerpieces

I'm a day behind for the 8 Days of Thanks Thanksgiving Bash but I will be sure to catch up. In the mean time I hope you're following along with Goofball Mommy and the rest of the ladies participating. If you're more than welcome to jump in and join us! Just go to Goofball Mommy and link up your post. 

Today we're talking centerpieces! The closer it gets to Thanksgiving I will be making my decor. Right now I'm in the idea phase of my decorating. I've narrowed it down to the 7 Thanksgiving centerpieces I would love to make. My final decision will be based on how easy it will be to make and of course how pretty it is. These are the centerpieces I've decided on...
Martha Stewart
Better Homes and Gardens
At The Picket Fence

Better Homes and Gardens
Karin Lidbeck - Brent
Better Homes and Gardens
Lemons to Love

What do you think? Do you go have a centerpiece at Thanksgiving or do you let the turkey make a statement on its own?

Thanksgiving Bash

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