Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mommy Moment #2: I Need a Break from Sick People

I’m going to start this rant off the same way I always do…

   I love being a mom. There is nothing I’d rather be doing than this. God made me to be a mom. I am fully equipped emotionally and physically for this. With that said I desperately need a few hours to myself. Unfortunately to do that I have got to leave my house to find the peace I need.

   It all started two weeks ago with a 12 year old and a harmless cold. A cold that traveled through the house and some how mutated into Bronchitis. Eff you bronchitis and all of the drama that you bring!!!

   I have a husband and 3 children that have had bronchitis over these 2 weeks. The husband and 1 of the children are asthmatic so we’ve been dealing with that as well. I some how managed to make it unscathed up until 2 days before Thanksgiving when I was caught in the rain and then sat in a pharmacy for 20 mins soaking wet.

   So there I am sick off my ass and taking care of a house of sick kids. Sadly the baby was one of them. I felt helpless as she coughed and coughed. There wasn’t much I could do as her fever came and left. During the long nights as she coughs so much she can’t sleep all I did was talk to her and rock her so she was at least comforted.

   I love being a mom. I accept the good, the bad and the germ filled moments as they come. I’ll admit it’s hard thou. Certain things had to take a back seat to what was more important. Now that everyone is on the mend and I’m starting to feel a bit better I can get back into my normal day to day activities and get ready for the Christmas and Baby J’s birthday.

   But before all of that happens, I really do need a break. A couple of hours. By myself. Doing what I want to do for myself. So I can regroup and come back better than ever.

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