Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Social Media and Friends

   With more social media outlets than I care to keep up with technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected with friends, family and significant others. We can follow, friend, like and poke until our hearts content but what happens when we are no longer friendly with someone? When we decide they are no longer worth our time in the virtual world or the real world.

   How seriously do people actually take social media relationships?
For some deleting a person from social media is a definite end to the relationship. I’ll admit I’ve gotten so irritated with my sister using Facebook as the only means of communication that I un-friended her to prove a point. Yes I am capable of the passive aggressive behavior of a teenager. However, she was beyond upset with me and couldn’t believe I would do such a thing. I got my point across.

    Just because we’ve deleted someone from our virtual list of friends does it mean we are also deleting them from our lives? For some it means just that. A simple unfollow or unfriend can tear a person’s ego to shreds.

   I remember the days of MySpace and the ever so coveted top 8 friends list. As we ever so strategically picked out who deserved a spot the most it was then we realized the power social media created within us. That was also when we found out how we stacked up against other friends of our friends. The crushing blow we felt when we would randomly scroll through someone’s MySpace page and saw we were no longer in the #1 spot, not even in the 8th.  

   I think some value their virtual relationships more than their real life ones. I have people that have stopped talking to me in real life but still friends with me online. Maybe it’s so they can leave that door open for future interaction. Maybe they just want to be able to see what I’ve been up to. Either way it’s not for me to judge.

Oh, gotta go. I just got a friend request!

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  1. Hey there, I found you via the NaBloPoMo blogroll.

    When I defriend someone, I'm done with them. Full stop. They will have hurt or upset me at least 3 times to get to the point where I decide to defriend them. I will also block them, because it is likely they are friends with friends of mine who I am still friends with, and I don't want to see their comments at all.

    I have only ever done this to two people on Facebook.. I did this to one person before Facebook existed. I think three people over the course of 39 years, that is pretty decent overall. Maybe I am too tolerant of people overall. ;)

    As part of NaBloPoMo I try to comment on as many participating blogs as I can, and I also add participating blogs to my feed reader.

    So I’m just dropping by to let you know I’ve added your blog to my feedreader, I’m reading you loud and clear, I have a link up going at my place so my readers can find participating blogs which you are more than welcome to add your blog link to.

    Looking forward to seeing your posts, and you’ll likely see me drop by again during November.

    Happy NaBloPoMo to you!

    1. I used to be a lot more tolerant of people then I got tired of getting my feelings hurt and wasting my time. Thanks for stopping by. I've been having a lot of fun with NaBloPoMo!