Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sometimes Water and Oil do Mix

   She was a mom and I was a mom. That was it for our similarities. We were as different as night and day. She didn’t believe in spending money on things like shoes and clothes. Mean while my closet runneth over with more articles of clothes and shoes than any person could wear in a year. I would spend hours on my hair, makeup and nails and she was beautiful and comfortable in her own skin just the way she was not knowing which way was up on a curling iron.

   We were bound by a sisterhood. We were moms. We’d sit and share the latest stories of how our kids pissed us off while we laughed and drank margaritas. That’s all we needed to become fast friends. Our friendship was real and it meant something for a while. A friendship that felt more like sisters. We became family.

   So they say all good things must come to an end, it was true in this case. Not because either of us did anything wrong. Life just took us in different directions. We were there for each other during times when we both really needed a friend. Someone to be brutally honest with, a shoulder to cry on, and a nonjudgmental ear to listen.

Even thou our friendship is no more she taught me two valuable lessons.
1. Opposites really do attract. You don’t need to have a ton of things in common to be friends with someone. You just need one good thing as a foundation to build on.

2. Mom’s need one another. Before her I never had any mom friends. They didn’t understand that I wasn’t trying to blow them off when I couldn’t make it out for drinks because my kid had a fever. Or it wasn’t feasible for me to  pay for a babysitter and go out. They definitely couldn’t comprehend the nights I just wanted to be in the house with my kids watching movies.

I haven’t met anyone I’m close to right now that I can call “friend” the way I did her but when I do they’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill.  

                                                             NaBloPoMo November 2014


  1. Friends like that are rare. I'm glad you had one, and I hope you have more in the future. Thanks for the post, it brings back memories of my past friends too. :)

    1. That's awesome, glad I can help. I hope you have many more as well. Thanks Deborah!

  2. Moms really do need friends! It's hard for us to find time to connect with them when life gets crazy, but when we do it really is worth it, Great typing your heart out post!

    1. Thank you Jennifer. We do need friends. It makes life more enjoyable.